Fact is that not a lot of people want to actually do the work to accomplish their lifestyle/fitness goals. The majority believes that there is some kind of magical pill or tea that will do all of the work for them and I am here to tell you that there is not. I get it, it seems hard to believe, I mean look at all of these celebrities endorsing skinny teas, fast acting fat burners, ect. And, yes, these supplements will increase your metabolism- have you seen how much caffeine and energy blends they contain? The thing is, you can’t simply be foolish enough to think that because they’re said to do so much that you can simply have a cup in the morning or a pill before each meal and then sit on your ass all day doing nothing else. You still have to change. Eating habits, have to change. Levels of physical activity, have to change. I won’t apologize either for telling you what everyone else isn’t and in reality its laziness. I know, because I was lazy- HECK! I am still lazy at times, but that’s okay because at least I am trying. Finding time is probably one of the most exhausting things to do, because at the end of the day we will always try and find a way to justify the fact that we simply do not have time and as a result we tend to fall into those burn fat quick schemes. Have you ever noticed that we never have time to do something we know will benefit us simply because it takes too much effort?

What if I told you that there are legitimate fitness programs out there proven to help you lose weight and reach your goals all from the comfort of your home? Would you take the time out to take a look at what’s available, no strings? Because wanting to make a change is the first baby step, doing something to actually change is the real first step. There is an entire community out there willing to help support you reach your goals and I am a part of that community. All it takes is 30 minutes a day and commitment. The rest? Let’s just say that is what I am here for. So, if you’re truly ready to commit to something possibly greater than yourself but have questions or doubts CLICK HERE!

Published by Silma Lamas