There are sometimes moments in our lives as musicians that we take part in a very rewarding and stimulating rehearsal or concert which makes us feel that we made a right choice of our career path. I don’t want to sound too pompous but moments like this when you are so present in the music and so inspired by other musicians that you try harder and play better than before are wonderful. I played a concert a few months ago with two talented, young sopranos in a beautiful piano room in St. James Cavalier Centre in Valletta and I felt that magic then. This is a reason I stick to my decision to be a pianist sometimes against all the odds. Not always adequately and regularly paid, not always feeling appreciated. Also hearing opinions of some people who don’t consider music as a proper profession but an expensive hobby. I even heard someone saying that what I do is “pianoing”. I’m not sure how to comment on that. Anyway, I still believe in it for those rare magical moments. What do you think?


Published by Julia Miller