There are many beautiful places in the world where you can visit, sightsee, buy little things that you're never gonna use but you wanna buy them just because. And I'm fortunate enough to be living in one of the best cities in Mexico. I love my mexican roots, customs, culture; but what I love the most about my country is its beautiful landscapes and history. I live in Merida, you may know it as the same place where Cancun is located, most people definitely know Cancun, but Merida is such a beautiful city that has a lot to see and learn. 

About a couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting 2 of the most beautiful beaches that I have ever seen and I wanted to show you and tell you a little bit about these, if you have the opportunity to travel you should definitely visit this. 



Mahahual is a little fishing village located at about 3 hours from Merida and it's just beautiful. It's beach is still a virgin beach, no big hotels have been built and that is great because of the view and the environment, I do hope that this continues as it is because I would hate to see it become something like Cancun. There's a cruise dock located here and many famous cruiselines ground there so you can say that it has a lot of tourists. Many restaurants are located in the shoreline, you can swim a little bit in the beach and eat, the food there's great. I'm very sad because I wanted to record some video of the bottom of the beach because there's a very big coral reef, if you go deep enough you can see all kinds of fishes and because of the fact that the water is crystal clear you have an excellent view of everything. I definitely need to get a GoPro. 



Bacalar is located near Mahahual, both of them have similar locationes but Bacalar is closer to Merida than Mahahual, you need 1 hour more to go to Mahahual. Bacalar is a combination between salt water and fresh water (or sweet water), you can see the changes between them from afar and close. We took a little tour that took us through various sinkholes that are located around the shoreline of the water, we saw around 5 and all of them had different colors, depths, and kinds of water, it was beautiful and different. At the end of the tour we were able to swim a little bit and it was so beautiful I didn't wanted it to end, definitely places that are worth visiting. 


These 2 places that I visited are not industrialized yet and I feel that it isn't going to last very much and I hate that, something so beautiful as that needs to be taken care of and protected. If you want some more information, pictures or how you could come here and take a look by yourself don't hesitate to communicate with me. 

P.S.: Can't wait to go back and take a lot more pictures, it's a little bit sad because I took a lot of video in Bacalar with my camera and in Mahahual I tried to take video from with my phone underwater but somehow all the video I took got erased and I'm sad because I wanted to make a video of my trip and now I can't, I need to get a GoPro ASAP. 


Published by Daniela Cantu