• Everyone is subconsciously afraid of the dark. We are *programmed* to. Now take that fear of the dark and mix it with a threatening voice ordering you to stop where you are on a deserted road. I hope you have an inkling of what I was feeling at that moment. It could be the school's security, and then I'd have to explain what I was doing on that road at that time, besides, my school id card was not with me, so that's an added wahala. Or. It could be one of the numerous thugs and theives who hunt stragglers in the night for their possessions. Either way, the situation wasn't looking good for me. I tensed and prepared to run. I was the best runner in my secondary school and I one the prize for best sprinter in my state, so I felt pretty confident I could outpace this devil-sent-pest. Then... Unknown Voice: I know what you're thinking, I have a gun and if you move a step, I will shoot you down. 
    All thoughts of state best sprinter fled from my head faster than cobwebs before fire. The small confidence I had deserted me like harmattan before the afternoon sun. I was well and truly hooked. That was when my legs started shaking. Laugh at me all you want, but sympathizers with me know that there is a certain brand of fear, which when it depends upon you, your destiny resets. Your spirit goes into airplane mode and your body experiences muscle failure. I was gulping huge amounts of that brand at that moment. 
    Me:(with a weak voice) Good afternoon sir

    I don't know if it was the weakness of my voice or the fact that I was greeting someone I presumed to be my murderer-to-be "Good afternoon" at 12 midnight, but the voice suddenly burst into raucous laughter. I didn't know that at the time and I felt he was a sadistic bastard that liked to toy with his victims before killing them. Silent tears of frustration escaped my eyes. I began to remember all the bad things I had done in my life, the people I had wronged and I began to calculate if I would enter hell or heaven if I died that moment. 
    The man fumbled with something for a bit and then brilliant light seared my pupils as he switched on a torchlight. 
    Unknown Voice: Collins? 

  • A wave of relief hit me so hard that my knees buckled and I experienced total muscle failure as I slumped at the feet of the owner of the voice. It was the voice of my Class Rep. I remember now that he has a really thick voice but that didn't occur to me then as we both can agree that all rational thought flees in the face of immediate danger. 
    Class rep: Collins what's wrong with you? Stand up nau

    I didn't hear him. I was busy kissing the floor and thanking the spirits of my forefathers, promising them sacrifices of rams and cows, temporarily forgetting my religion of Christianity. After a few moments, I remembered I was a Christian and began to bless the name of the lord. I guess all my Class Rep heard was ramblings as he began to panic. 
    Class Rep:(in a frightened voice) Collins are you okay? Collins. 
    There are moments of Epiphany in a normal life span. And at this moment, an idea came to my mind so bright i shivered. And fainted. Or pretended to. The idea was to play dead and freak my Class Rep out so much that he would forever regret startling me this way this night. I was trying to play dead. And I succeeded. Class Rep began to pray to his own gods. I guess tonight is a night of prayers. He was Yoruba and I heard some words of Sango, Oguna and Obatala in what he was saying. I almost jerked out of my playing-dead act when I began to hear Thor, Odin, Zeus and Poseidon. I laughed maniacally. In my head of course. This guy must be desperate o. Then I felt him began to drag my feet on the rough asphalt. I felt every bump and scrape and when I was finally about to drop the act to save myself from more injury, my head hit the sand, then the grass. What he was trying to do suddenly became clear to me. He thought I was dead and was trying to hide the body. I prayed he would not bury me alive as I watched him in the darkness(he had already put out the flashlight and couldn't see my eyes. 
    Thankfully, he dropped me and ran off, moving from 0-10km at top speed. I grimaced and stood up. I walked gingerly to the gate and paid the Security men N1000 before they allowed me out.
  • The last thought that ran through my mind shortly before I slept off on my bed was... "Class rep is in for a shock tomorrow"

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Published by Awolesi Gideon