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If you are anything like me, you probably have a very loooong 'dream list' of designer handbags. Unfortunately, they cost several thousands a piece, and not everybody is willing to blow that kind of cash so easily. Perfect

For those people who enjoy the style, appearance, or functionality of certain designer bags but can't or won't splash that kind of cash (for whatever reason) there is an alternative. And her name is...Rebecca Minkoff.

If you take a look at a variety of Rebecca Minkoff bags, you may or may not notice a significant resemblance to many different high-fashion label pieces. Let me show you...

**Heads up: the prices shown are approximate, as they do vary for each bag depending on colour, size, and material**

Givenchy "Antigona Duffel" ($2,500) vs. Rebecca Minkoff "Perry Satchel" ($395)

IMG_0171                                              FullSizeRender-1

Chanel "Le Boy Bag" ($5,500) vs.  Rebecca Minkoff "Love Crossbody" ($295)

IMG_0172    FullSizeRender-5


Saint Laurent "Sac de Jour" ($2,650) vs. Rebecca Minkoff "Regan Tote" ($195)

IMG_0173  FullSizeRender-4


Celine "Phantom" ($ 3,000) vs. Rebecca Minkoff "M.A.B. Tote" ($295)

FullSizeRender-2                       IMG_4008

*All prices are in USD


Coincidence? I think not.

Furthermore, it should be noted that 'Rebecca Minkoff' is no "average-joe" brand. Featured in fancy department stores all over the world, with major shows slotted in New York Fashion Week, this is definitely a well-known designer brand - just with a much more affordable price tag.


Happy Saving! 

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