I saw the Golden rule posted online a few weeks back and realised that the major religions and spiritual beliefs really are similar.

I believe in Jesus Christ and see my relationship with Him as vital to who I am and who I am becoming.

So the other morning when I woke up from the worst dream about me being disbarred from my field due to confrontation, I was hella confused and messed up from then on. Let me tell you! It was unbelievable but at 4 am I sat up thinking about it and what that could mean until I remembered that I ate heavy at near 11pm the night before so it's not actually a big deal. It just can't be possible as all the signs from it led to it happening the same day that I woke up early. So I fell in and out of sleep, then the usual ruckus outside my house happened between 8 and 10 am. This led to me and my fat food belly dreaming about food and moving out to be somewhere quieter. Every morning without fail the grandparents on this street are killing it with the noise: horns blowing, music loud, horns blowing to a rhythm for the house next door, loud conversations and generally too much noise when I'm someone who doesn't work until 4pm so sleeping in is acceptable and envious.

Anyways, as I finally slept maybe an hours worth I woke up at 12 very confused and needed to get walking to shift my stomach problems. I went for my fruits at Coviran because they support locals by selling fresh produce and I'm happy with that. When checking out, this granny with a bad back came after me and only had 2 items. She started to say something in Spanish and I didn't really know what she said (I think it was about my shopping), so I told her to go in front of me which was praised by her and the cashier. In that moment I wanted to be kind and generate goodness around me because of my terrible morning. I hope in the future I'll be in a community where they help out the elderly and support us along our path to the end! That small act of kindness made me smile and completely changed my day.

On the walk home, I kept thinking about Jesus turning the other cheek, Him being humble and straightforward, how he lived a sinful life and did acts of kindness (miracles) to help others and feed the thousands. I just want to create more happiness and peace around me regardless of the stress and turmoil I may currently be facing. In turn, I hope others will show me acts of kindness where it counts. I don't know when, but in the small (not much to do) city I have hope to create a happy life here for the next year of me working here as an English teacher in one of the best academies in Cordoba (the region in the South of Spain).

Naturally I'm sure we're all bent towards doing good acts. We're humans that need to socialise and for us to do that well we have to be kind, don't we?

Published by Kirah Grand