Inspired every day by great creators is what keeps me going. There was a point in my life not long ago where I felt lost. Completely lost. I felt like giving up and lost all hope. Like all great philosophers, speakers, scientist, and activist— we fight for something that deserves change. They are also all a reminder of what am fighting for. What I'm fighting for is for a better world. I am fighting for the future world. A world without hate, crime, and violence. I have a dream and that dream is for a world with love, peace, and unity. Is it really just a dream? Is it even impossible? 

    Last night I watched an amazing documentary called Unity by Shaun Monson. He is the director of another great documentary, Earthlings. I recommend watching both. I guarantee you will be born into a new world of enlightenment. Just be prepared to face horrifying truths. Isn't that what we all want anyways, the truth. It seems like every time we are faced with the truth we want to run away from it. I refuse to be robot. I refuse to be blind. I refuse to be in the lowest part of society. Therefore, the truth isn't what I fear. What I fear is not knowing the truth. I fear life in other parts of the world and not being able to know about it. I fear secrets. Why not put real news on the news? If only we became united, we can change these bad news into good news. This eye opening film reminded me of what it is to be a human. We can be the most compassionate beings yet we are the most violent. We all want the same thing, love and to live. Therefore, we are equal. Although we share common desires, we become segregated. How? Well, because we all have our own thoughts and with our own thoughts comes our ego. The ego, which arises from jealousy, greed, pleasure, impression, and dominance. Our actions, our disguises, are all from the ego. In a world with growing technology, we forget everything that is wrong with the world. Grow to learn that there is more in the world other than money, power, and luxuries. 


Published by Angie Green