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****For 18+ Readers*** 

This book contains graphic scenes of violence, childhood physical/mental abuse and uses adult language. Due to this, this book is recommended for mature readers ideally over the age of 18+ 


I never had an easy life; in fact you can pretty much say it was pure unadulterated hell. At least that’s what I thought before I met Beau. Then it got worse, much worse. 

One dance was all it took for the barriers I’d built up to come crashing down, landing both of us together in bed. Everything was perfect till the moment I woke up and realized he’d left me. 

One thing I know for sure is I never want to see his all-too-handsome face again. The games have just begun and I happened to have drawn the short straw- again. 

Just. My. Luck. 


As Alpha of one of the largest packs of werewolves in the US, I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders. There’s no space in my life for a girl, especially a human one who calls to me as much as Juliette does. 

With our one night stand meaning so much more, I find myself in a race against time when she goes missing- leaving behind only splatters of blood and a crazy-albeit inappropriate-best friend. 

Fate isn’t on our side, but I’m coming for her whether she likes it or not. 
She better be ready.

This book was amazing! I was loosing sleep over this book it was so great. First, let's talk about the  POVs.

Each chapter holds several different points of views, all first person. One minute we will be in Jules point of view then the paragraph will stop and pick up in Beau's point of view (with warning, of course) then in Saylor's point of view and in Griffins point of view and Beau's mom's point of view and even the bad guys point of view and, well, you get the idea. Now, you may think this sounds crazy busy and would be completely hard to follow but you are so wrong. I loved this writing style, the book felt like it was going by so fast (in a good way), it honestly played like a movie in my head because of this.

We got the amazing third person feel of being in everyone's head but we got the fantastic personal feelings we have in first-person. I thought it was a wonderful combination and way she did it. I loved it.

The characters were wonderfully written and they tackled some huge things that I feel that no one wants to talk about in a YA/NA book because they can be scary. Depression, anxiety, mental abuse and physical abuse are scary topics that she handled so well, I was insanely impressed.

The plot and story were amazing, they moved quick enough that it kept my attention but not so quick that it left me behind.

All in all, Jenna you get:


I am fangirling on this book to every person who will even listen to me in my fangirling state.



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