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Can you imagine a world without the most majestic and elegant creature of them all?

Little do we realise that our giraffes are quietly fading away.

The Giraffe Conservation Foundation, advises that the population has dropped by 40 percent in the last 15 years, with less than 80,000 remaining. Having become extinct in at least seven African countries, it is estimated that giraffe numbers are less than a fifth of those of the African elephant, a species currently classified as 'vulnerable'.

With this on my mind for Day 20 of The Wildlife Trusts Challenge I decided to combine giraffes into the theme of my project. Clearing leaves from the soil which was being prepared for new plants, I gathered everything in a bag, brought the garden indoors and set about creating my 'wild giraffe'.


Made from holly, dried leaves, petals, bark, twigs and stones, I used a piece of perspex and set about creating the outline. The shape was filled in with some of crispy leaves and small twigs, and I used 4 large green Maple leaves for the hooves.

He doesn't really have a purpose, but isn't that the point? Creating something new out of something old, and just trying in whichever small way to have a think about the future of our giraffes.

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Although there are no actual conservation strategies to protect them, organizations such as GCF (Giraffe Conservation Foundation), has conservation and research partners working closely with stakeholders to raise awareness for the giraffes. More recently, the IUCN SSC Giraffe and Okapi Specialist Group , established in 2013, aims to understand the threats giraffes face, how these can be eased to aid long-term conservation and to play their part in ensuring the survival of this unique species.

You can watch Girrafes; Africa's Gentle Giants  on BBC 2 The Natural World, it's narrated by Attenborough and sure to get us thinking about the future.

Published by Kirsty Grant