Babies are always adorable especially when they are yours. For every mother, keeping their babies memory is very important. One of the best ways through which you can mesmerize your baby’s memory forever is the Round Stepping Stones.

These stones are like keepsakes that can be kept in your homes for framing the memories and decorating your living space. Along with this, these stones can be placed in a garden or patio in order to give an appealing look to the area.


These days, making a baby’s footprint is in trend as you’ll be able to cherish their childhood memories forever. Do you also want to make stepping stones on your own? If yes then this DIY is just for you. Making footprint stepping stone is easy, all you need to do is to follow these instructions and steps.

Materials needed for footprint stepping stones:

For a DIY project, you’ll need some materials. Most of these materials will be available at your home. If any material is missing then shop your local market. Here’s a list of material that you’ll require for this project:

  • Cement: This is the most important material that’s needed for making footprint stepping stones. Different quantity package of cement can be availed from the market. You can choose as per your requirement.
  • A plastic bucket or foil container for mixing the cement
  • Mold or plastic plate
  • A pair of rubber gloves to protect your hands
  • wax paper for flattening purpose
  • Vegetable oil and baby oil for greasing
  • Stirrer
  • Small natural stones and beads for decoration purpose.

Instruction for making the stones

Some simple steps and you’re ready with your piece of footprint stepping stones. Let’s get started by following these steps:

  • Mixing the cement: Mixing is easy as it comes with the direction of usage on the cement package. Just go through it and do as it’s written on it. You can mix it in a plastic container.


If you don’t want to make your bucket messy then go with a foil container of different shapes. Add a little bit of water to make the perfect consistency of the mix. If needed more water, you can add later as per your requirement. Make sure that the mix is just wet enough to hold the shape of the mold. It is advisable not to add whole water in one go.


  • Preparing the mold: For filling, you’ve got two options. You can either choose mold of any shape or a plastic plate of any size. With any option, you’ve to grease the plate with vegetable oil. This’ll help in hassle-free removal of footprint Round Stepping Stones from the plate. You can do the same thing if you’re using a mold for the DIY.


  • Filling the cement mix: Another step is to fill the mold or plastic plate with the cement mix. All you need to do is to fill the plastic plate with the stirrer. Tap it one to twice on the floor so that the mix gets spread uniformly in the place.

You can also make use of the stirrer to spread the cement mix at the edges of the plastic plate.


  • Flattening of the cement mix: Now, the next step is to flatten the surface of the mix. Take the wax paper and press it gently to make a flattened surface of the mix.  Don’t press it too much; it will create a deep impression on the cement surface.


This is the trickiest part so be careful while doing it. Once you’re done with flattening, don’t forget to tap the bottom of the plate in order to remove bubbles from it.


  • Stamping the footsteps: This is the main part of the project where you’ll print the footprints of the babies in the cement mix. If you’re doing this for your newborn baby then coat the baby’s foot with baby oil. Now, next is to press the foot in the cement mix. Press it gently for making a desired stamp in the cement fix.


For the newborn babies, you’ll need assistance from others so make sure you’re having someone’s help while doing this. For the older toddlers, you don’t require anyone’s assistance. This can be done just by you and your child.


  • Decorating the stepping stones: Now, it’s the turn to decorate the mix with alphabets, beads, small Natural stones, and other items. You can also stamp the name and date of birth of your baby. But, you need to do this quick as the cement will get hardened quickly.


  • Drying process: Once you’re done with stamping the baby’s foot impression, now it’s the time to until it gets dry. Allow the footprint stepping stone to dry for a few days in sunlight. Don’t get overexcited to remove it from the plastic plate; you might end up with broken stepping stones. If you’re using a plastic plate then it would be easy for you to remove it carefully. Just peel the back and you’re good to go.


Be careful while removing it, if you’ve used a mold for this. Don’t forget to grease the mold with vegetable oil so that you don’t have to struggle while removing the stepping stone from the mold.

  • Finishing the stepping stone: The final step is to finish the stepping stone sandpaper. If the edges of the stone are uneven and rough and sand it. After this, just paint it with colors and a protective coat.

Your baby’s footprint stepping stone is ready to be hanged on the wall or to be kept on wall shelves. This’ll surely help you in mesmerizing your baby’s memory. This was all about using these stepping stones as keepsakes.

But, these stepping stones can be placed in gardens, backyards, etc. in order to add some fun to the kids when they’re playing. Not just this, these stones will surely attract the sight of the onlookers.

Published by Mohsin Ahsan