All month long, we’ve been talking about planning. Having a great plan is critical to realizing your intentions because you take actions that matter.

It’s kind of like a road trip.

Decide the destination. Load up on snacks and great music. Gas the car.

What’s left?

Getting out of the driveway!

Wait just a second. Do you need to get some junk out of the trunk before you can get going?

This was Bethany’s challenge. She loved her small Indiana farm, but had trouble maintaining the place after her husband's sudden death. Her children moved in and out for a decade, conveniently using her house as their storage space. She didn't mind - she thought of herself as home base.

Everything changed when she needed a new furnace.

The tech refused to install it. "Too much stuff around the vents," he muttered. As he quickly packed up his tools, he warned Bethany, "This house is a fire trap, lady."

Bethany was sure her eldest son would be anxious to have his athletic gear and trophies from college. But her voicemails went unreturned.

Then she thought her daughter and son-in-law would pitch in. However, week after week passed as something always got in the way - deadlines at work, then a sick baby.

She started to panic with the first snow just around the corner. Suddenly, calm swept over her when she had a radical idea. Her master plan required drastic action.

A dumpster later, it was if she had a brand new house. More important, Mama had a brand new furnace.

The March series, Make the Turn, has shown how creation can be a lot like driving. We get to the journey’s end by executing our plan and making adjustments along the way:

  1. Asking For Attention showed that caring for the details is equally important as creating the vision. When we invest in the specifics, we create vibrant success and find patience to enjoy the journey.
  2. Build Up What's Working demonstrated the difference between thoughtful action and random motion. Are you struggling with too many choices? Slow down and direct your energy in a mindful way.
  3. Stop Working So Hard showed how to change age-old patterns. Lily made a plan, but she also left a little wiggle room for the Universe to assist. And it did, helping her get her vintage guitar back.

The new season is the perfect time for a fresh perspective. Don’t abandon the high intentions you’ve set for this year. Fine-tune your plans and then make the turn to get where you want to go.

Are you unsure about what to cut loose? Here are three easy questions to consider:

  • What seemed like a good idea 60 days ago that now feels kind of blah?
  • What is on your list because you wanted to make someone else happy?
  • What is a lot more complicated than you thought it would be? Is one project really five?

Your plan, the “how”, is essential. It’s the difference between hoping for something and making it real.

Published by Michelle Mains