Too many times we make sure that our voice is heard when we are unhappy!  But we really need to communicate ten times as much when we have a message that is communicating our truth to make it powerful!  This positive happy voice is needed so much in today’s world, and it is needed to make our personal powerful message heard.  So many times what we have to offer will change the situation for someone out there. but, if it is never heard, it changes nothing.  It is our persistent positive voice that brings about change.

Especially as women, we tend to try to grow up, to become a worker bee, and to let the men in our work world get to us.  So, we remain quiet.  And, yes, that still happens today!  Become a badass with no rules; take charge of your own life.  Question everything.  When YOU believe in yourself, others believe in you, too!

Bet on yourself, even if you are having setbacks, because every setback brings you one step closer to the top of the mountain where you believe your happiness is

Published by Janice Marie