Celebration means fun, yummy food and delectable desserts which will add some more sweetness to the occasion. Cakes have always taken center stage when it comes to birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and festivities. However, the same old chocolate and pineapple cakes have now got a little boring and people are looking out for some innovative concepts when it comes to cakes. Designer cakes are actually a wonderful and innovative way of breaking the stereotypes and adding a bit of glamour and style to normal celebrations. These days there are different types of designer cakes that online stores offer from which one can select the cake which suit the occasion.

1. Cartoons and much more:
How about saying happy birthday to one’s kid with a pokemon design cake? Similarly a Barbie or teddy design or a minion design cake can add amazing fun to kids birthday party. Angry birds fighting it out on a delicious cake or a moustache cake, which reminds one’s kid of his favorite grandpa are some unique cake designs that one can opt for.

2. For the sports freak:
If one wants to gift a cake to a friend or a near and dear one who loves sports, then there are lots of options in designer cakes. One can send designer cake which has the entire cricket pitch on it or one can have the lawn tennis court on the cake. For the fitness freak there is always the option of gym design cake which has all the gym equipment displayed on the cake which reminds the person that he or she needs to shed those extra calories once the celebration is over.

3. It is all about letter and numbers:
Designer cakes in the form of alphabets and numbers also look great. How about sending the number 25 covered with rich icing to ones parents on their 25th wedding anniversary? Or the initial of one’s dear friend on her birthday can be a nice way of making her happy.

4. Flowers, carnations and candles:
For those who like a touch of class when it comes to designer cake designs can always opt for some classy designs like a bunch of flowers or beautiful castle. Carnation designs, book designs, or any other classy looking designs are just the right thing for those who like elegance and style.

These are just a few examples of the numerous varieties of designer cakes that are available. One of the best ways of ordering designer cake is by opting for an online cake store. One can go through different varieties and designs and select the right design as per one’s budget. Along with variety one also gets the convenience of ordering for the cake from anywhere in the world and having it delivered in time to any place in India. So all those people who wish to send a special designer cake to a special person in their life, should resort to online shopping of designer cakes through a reputed online store which offers quality cakes at good rates.

Published by Gaura