New Year is around the corner everyone is ready to say bye to 2017 and ready to welcome 2018. There are zeal and happiness along with lots of plans to do when we enter 2018 hence these days everyone is busy in planning New Year eve parties. Every party is incomplete without good food, and what else can be better than food cooked at home, this gives everyone the real affection you feel for them. These days internet is full of different and unique party ideas starting from home décor to games and food. Everything needs to be perfect for its New Year.

Be crazy with your friends and family this New Year, picture a party at your home with sparkling decorations and mesmerizing candle décor all around, make an ambience for your friends to click all those hilarious pictures, dance with loud music and don’t forget the party appetizers. Host one of the best parties at your home which are not just fun but also pocket-friendly. From food to refreshment, from games to gifts you can plan the party within a pocket-friendly budget.

Here are some amazing ideas to plan a party this New Year.

1.  Follow the BYOA- Bring your own appetizers, yes you read it right, while planning a party, share a list of top 10 New Year’s Recipe ideas with your guests and tell them to bring anyone from the list, and in case, someone does not know how to cook, then they can try their hand in décor.

2.   New Year Cocktails- For the midnight toasting ensure you have the best liquor in place and what else can be better than Champagne Sangria, and for rest of the party beer is enough to have lots of fun.

3.  Plan a lot of interactive games, to bring out everyone’s secret and make them confess before the year ends, this is the best way to your friends and keep the friendship exciting for the coming years.

4.  Party is incomplete without a perfect party décor, hence decide a theme for your party and plan the décor accordingly.With so many décor items available in the market, you can pick the best for your house party. Adding some paper snowflakes can give you the real feel of New Year’s eve.

5.   Use Glittered Christmas ornaments- as the party feel starts from Christmas itself, so pick some stuff from your Christmas décor like big glittered balls, lightning and lot more.

Be everyone’s favourite, host this New Year, follow our tips and make this New Year party rocking for all of the guests. Food is a very important part of a party until the time your guests are not drunk (wink), hence most of the planning includes preparing for what to have in snacks and what in main course and desserts. And when it’s a New Year party, then it’s mandatory to have everything in place so that you don’t end up working on the last day of the year. Hence, make concrete plans and say a happy goodbye to the year 2017.

Published by sandeep Malik