Much advancements taking place in Indian railways. There are many passengers who have started preferring train journeys to other types of travel modes. There are different things like PNR number that have made the things simpler for both the authority and passengers. Talking about PNR number, it means Passenger Name Record number. PNR Status of the Indian Railways is simply the booking status of train tickets.

PNR is Important

You can easily do PNR check. Actually, whether a ticket is booked online or via Railway Counter, there is a distinct 10 digit number known as PNR number in it. Usually, PNR Number is in the top-left corner of a ticket. If you have any doubts about PNR and related things, you can visit the Indian Railways FAQ page.

Through PNR all the information and data related to ticket booking status, coach number, present status, train number, the list of passenger and so on is available.  If you want to get all your PNR Details and present PNR Status, You only have to type in your PNR number in text box given on the website of Indian railways and Hit submit button. PNR information is important because it provides you with the current status and everything you might want to know about your journey in train.

A frequently Heard term

Actually you know passenger name record or commonly known as PNR is a word frequently heard and is believed to be an extremely important thing to take a note of. This PNR status gets you full information about the details of passenger ticketing. Have you ever really pondered why this ten digit number is so important?  This PNR status is a ten digit magic number that once fed into the computer system can instantly update you on the status of availability of the seats. This PNR status is a number for taking out and updating the data regarding seats.

A few ways to check

There is more than one way to easily check your PNR Status. It will cater you all the information that you might be looking for. Based on the last minute reservations and cancelations, the status of availability of the seats keeps on altering. Before you travel, you can easily check your PNR Status either:

  • Through the website of Indian railways. Just put the PNR number once you are on the site, and you will be provided with all the information...
  • You can also call their toll free number for information. The toll-free numbers that are provided do work from all over India.
  • Good news is that now you can even check PNR status on your own mobile phones as well. This service is from Indian Railways and is regardless of mobile operator you are using. It is a fresh and innovative feature and caters a large relief for the individuals,who neither have a facility of Internet nor do they want to call up or wait in queue. All you have to do is, just type your ten digit PNR number and send it across to 9773300000 via SMS.

So, indeed, PNR number makes it really easy for the passengers to stay updated and informed. 

Published by silv Watson