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If you don’t already know, I’m bit of a beauty addict. Basically everything related to skin care and cosmetics, but makeup hasn’t always been seen in the best light. So I want to find out why makeup has been criticised through out the years.


Many searches on google led me back to “Can makeup cause acne?” The more I read up on the topic, the more people emphasise that every case is individual. There are cases when people suddenly have break outs and acne however it is very dependent on your own skin and the type of foundation/ makeup you’re using because different foundations may contain different ingredients which people may have an allergic reaction to or aggravate their skin causing the break outs. Personally, I always have to take my makeup off as soon as I can so I can let my pores breathe and recover. ( I recommend taking your makeup off and then using another cleanser suited to your skin type. I know it may sound like hassle but it just makes sure that the impurities and all the makeup is off you face, which hopefully means less clogged up pores.)


In all fairness though,the price of the beauty products don't help the case for makeup or my bank account. There are some products which seem extortionate for the amount of product you get like Christian Louboutin lipstick! Although it's looks very fancy and even a little bit intimidating, the lipstick is £60 so how much are you actually paying towards the lipstick and how much are you paying towards the packaging? In contrast there are products which are a reasonable price and do a good job like the Maybelline age rewind concealer. 


Another thing that I have noticed more recently on social media, is the increasing number of people being criticised over the amount of makeup they may apply on a daily basis. However even with the insults and rude comments they forget that there’s still an expectation for women to reach an ideal. Furthermore, what commenters fail to remember is that, people wear make up out of their own choice and enjoy the routine. So I guess what I’m trying to say is that the people putting themselves out on social media, with the beauty tutorials and the makeup of the day looks, should be admired for putting themselves out for the world. 


Now looking back at what I’ve written I seem pretty one sided with this argument and don’t get me wrong, I having nothing against people who prefer not to wear makeup. I believe that everyone is individual, no matter whether makeup isn't your thing or your totally addicted to makeup, it’s your own choice! 

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Published by Joyce Lui