I’ve heard a lot lately about how makeup is about being fake, or embarrassed with who you are or simply irrational - because why would one waste time on this process?

Anyone who says it is so wrong. Let me explain to you.

First and foremost, those who are embarrassed with who they are shouldn’t be, and if they are, it is society’s fault for the impossible to reach Photoshop all day standards. But that’s not the topic today.

We are going to talk about make-up. It is amazing, and fun to play with and some people are really good at it. If you watch on YouTube or TV fashion shows, you’ll see that some elevated make-up at the rank of pure art.

Contrary to popular belief, the girls who are not a make-up artist, but have fun with applying make-up every day are don’t want to be fake. And no, they are not ugly without it. But make-up makes every girl feel more feminine, or unique.

What’s wrong with that?

One is fake when he behaves in a certain manner even though he isn’t like that. Putting some makeup on does not transform any girl in fake Barbie doll. I’m sure the girl’s friends know how she looks without it, too.

And in a world which puts so much emphasis on the first impression and the outer appearance, can anyone blame a girl or a guy for wanting to look better?

Make-up is a confidence boost at times, about having fun, playing with the colours, and experimenting.

Personality cannot be covered by makeup, so let’s be honest, it’s not rational to say that makeup could transform a person from head to toes. The way we perceive him based on the looks, yes. But not who he is.

What’s your opinion regarding the matter?

Have inspiration,

Rebecca Radd


Published by Rebecca Radd