This is how I know that I own too much makeup glamour babes. I wanted to review Makeup Revolutions Beyond Radiance Palette ($15) for quite sometime now and it slipped under the radar (smh, not in shame though, lol.) due to my terrible makeup hoarding. 

I seriously need to do one of those no buy makeup challenges. I just gotta find the strength and will power inside me to do so, which isn't going to be an easy task. Lord, please help me succumb my inner makeup monster and not let me touch, look at, or pick up a stitch of makeup for a while!!!!! You know this is going to take me sometime to master right? Uggggh, and I forgot I ordered more makeup because of last weeks Labor Day sales (whyyyyyyy!?!?!?), but no more after this! Lol.  

Okay, back to makeup! I'm going to start off by saying that Makeup Revolutions Beyond Radiance Palette is nothing like the Becca highlighters. If that's what your aiming for then try Makeup Revolutions Radiance Palette. It is the same price as the Beyond Radiance palette, only it carries more intense pigment if you want to accentuate your features, making you glow for days, lol. This palette mimics Hourglasses Ambient Palette ($62) way better, for they too are illuminators.

So, I suggest saving the extra dollars for a rainy day and stick with Makeup Revolutions, it's a pretty good dupe if you ask me. 

Like all of Makeup Revolutions palettes they are all sleek, sturdy, and black, and come with a full size mirror making it super easy to dress your face anytime, anywhere!

What's inside this one you ask?!

Only three of the softest illuminators your complexion will see. 

Exhale-a soft white, Breathe-a soft pink, and Glow- a soft nude bronze.

The powders are lightweight, finely milled producing a little kickback onto the palette itself as opposed to you, lol, and are very smooth. They apply evenly and smoothly creating a natural looking complexion while giving minor skin imperfections a blur effect. I love Makeup Revolutions Beyond Radiance palette for this reason, I do have some large pores above my cheekbones and all three shades disguise my pores in a subtle effective way. 

I tried my best taking a photo of how light and muted these illuminators come through on the skin. I mixed two shades, breathe and glow, hopefully you can see that beautiful incandescent glow from within that lasts for hours. 

A stiffer brush or fingertips work best if you want to get better control of the pigments in this palette. My powder brush was a flop when trying to pick up color, womp, womp.

I will definitely review Makeup Revolutions Radiance Highlighter Palette later in the week so you boys and gals can see the difference for yourselves. First I have to find the darn thing review, now which case could it be in? The search is on! Lol. 

Stay beautiful! Xo.

Published by Samantha Malin