Books are a major hobby for those who really love reading just like me but what makes us into reading books? Do we just love it at first or we begin by doing some list? Well! If you answered begin it by doing yes then you are correct. Making a goal when reading books is important specially if you love what you're reading, i'm gonna share some tips that might help you reach your goal when reading your beloved books. *First, always always pick the right book for you from the genre to the plot if it suits you then you are good to go *Second, if a 900-pages book bore you so much then pick up something quick to read like fables, tales, short stories just to relieve the feeling of being bored because there are also books that have only few pages to read *Third never ever read a book that doesn't suit you because you might end up hating that book *Fourth, bring bookmarks around you and bring ebook versions around from time to time when you buy a book on Amazon it instantly give you free ebooks around so that you can carry them on your handy smartphone or tablet *Fifth, last but not the least enjoy reading and don't hate it. Reading is fun and it's a wonderful place to escape from reality for an hour or two.

Published by Faith Ayna Olpindo