"I don't feel like it!"

This is one of the most detrimental mindsets I've been battling lately. Not only does it make you sound like a 5 year old brat, it's also a proclamation of entitlement. It basically says "I want my desired results but I want it to be easy to get to emotionally and physically". 

That never happens. Never. 

I hate my fitness training. Hate it. But I love my new body. I love watching my progress and the development into a me I haven't seen in years. So I attach the idea of being good looking to the workouts. It's the only way I'll do them. This way no matter my mood I will always love my body so I will always feel the urge to train. 

I don't know why this took so long but I am just now applying this thought to my business. 

If you don't know of what I do I am a photographer, but some days I am a lay in bed all day and not do anything-er. Somehow misplace my motivation on an every other day basis. But the manipulation of thought that I have with my fitness has finally seeped into my photography. I have recently made a promise to myself that I will only make photos that match my current mood. Feeling depressed? You'll probably see a night time shot or an angle where all the shadows look haunting. Feeling joyful? It'll be all about the sunshine, or I'll catch a good moment within the crowd. Regardless, I'll still be creating and honing my skills. The blender of emotions that I have in my head won't stop me from building something others and I enjoy and I hope you learn to blend your weakness with your passion as well.  

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Thank you for making my days count. I truly appreciate it. 

Published by Danyelle Payton