Imagine a world where you can spend a few minutes in your kitchen and come out with a custom concoction of flavorful THC vape juice for pennies compared to pre-filled vape cartridges. Well, welcome to that world.

By combining concentrates, liquidizers, and terpenes, you have endless flavor options. You’ll save money and have the ability to create a combination of cannabinoids and terpenes that nourish your senses and your body.

It is a truly exciting time to be a cannabis user. Don’t let unfamiliarity keep you from exploring the hottest new cannabis trend. Find out how to make your own THC vape juice using liquidizers and terpenes.

Discover THC Vape Juice

THC’s reputation is under rehablitation. The general public does not see cannabis users as underachievers or delinquents anymore. The brand new cannabis user is high functioning and often successful. They use cannabis to relax or as medicine. It’s a part of their regular lives or wellness routines.

This shifting public opinion opens the door to many people who were in the past interested in cannabis but afraid of the flak they might get from using it. Additionally, it begins to lift the stigma a lot of people faced for years.

Furthermore, the brand new cannabis climate allows companies to create items that are new to please cannabis users. Concentrate liquidizers and terpene blends are a great example. Furthermore, vaping is an ideally suited way for new cannabis users to enjoy cannabis without risking their health or devastating their wallet.

Making your own THC vape juice with terpenes and liquidizers has outpaced prefilled vape cartridges as the most popular way to vape cannabis.

Cannabinoids, Terpenes, And Concentrates

Hemp and cannabis produce organic substances known as cannabinoids. These substances have a deep effect on the entire body by interacting with a complicated system that evolved within us referred to as the Endocannabinoid System.

It is a functioning network of biochemicals, fatty acids, neurotransmitters, and receptors. These elements work together to keep the body in great condition. When something is out of balance, cannabinoids assist the body so that it is able to rectify the imbalance.

Some cannabinoids, like THC, are good for your health and create intoxication. Others like CBD have no noticeable cognitive effects.

Cannabinoids aren’t the only substances these plants make that interact with the ECS, however. Terpenes, which are aromatic compounds plants create to help them protect themselves, play a role.

Terpenes can increase the effects of cannabinoids and exert their own influence on the ECS. They also smell incredible. If your favorite strain is a flavor explosion for you, it’s probably because of its terpene profile.

By the way, terpenes are also in perfumes, cleaning products, soft drinks, and other plants. Your mangos and lavender have some of the same terpenes that cannabis also produces.

Plants are fascinating! Time to vape some!

Creating THC Vape Juice With Liquidizers, Dilutents, And Terpenes

Why is DIY better than shelling out for pre-filled vape cartridges? Two main reasons: cost and control.

Pre-filled vape cartridges are sold at dispensaries in.5 ml volumes. These are typically simple vape cartridges that either come attached to a battery that powers the device. Sometimes you can add them to your own batter, but are still limited to simple 510 threaded varieties.

These cartridges contain a combination of a mixing solution, terpenes and cannabis concentrate. Terpenes are added for flavor and the mixing solution is either a liquidizer or diluent that changes the thick consistency of concentrates. This is purely a mechanical need because regular nicotine ready vape mods can’t handle the thickness of cannabis concentrates.

Making THC Vape Juice 101: What Are Liquidizers?

Liquidizers are used to change the consistency of cannabis concentrate to make it vape-ready. They require seconds to add to a concentrate, and a little hit and stirring, to create a thinner, infused vape juice.

Making THC Vape Juice 101: What Are Added Terpenes?

Terpenes are plant produced scent compounds that vapers like to add into their vapes for flavor and the side benefits they trigger in the body. They smell incredible and get added because some terpenes escape during concentrate creation.

In fact, you can even add terpenes to food and drink.

Making THC Vape Juice 101: What Are Dilutents?

Dilutents are often sold with terpenes and are another way to change the consistency of your concentrate or overall blend of concentrate and terpenes.

How To Mix Concentrates With These Cannabis Enhancers

This customization may sound confusing, but it is shockingly easy. Each manufacturer has detailed instructions about how you can use all of these products. You can also vape terpenes on their own if you want to experience a completely cannabis free vape that's still based in natural ingredients.

You may mix a concentrate with a liquidizer at a 1:1 ratio, add some terpenes for flavor and to thin the mix a little more, put it in your vape and enjoy. Conversely, you could mix a concentrate with a diluent and terpenes, by following the precise directions the brand you bought suggests.

Both are going to deliver a tasty vape that helps you feel great for less than a boring pre-filled vape cartridge.


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