It is frustrating not having enough space in your bedroom to do whatever you want. Even if you have a lot of bedroom design ideas, you restrict yourself because of space. Don't worry since you can still make the most of your bedroom even with limited space. You need to be creative and go beyond the traditional bedroom designs.


Maximise the space underneath the bed

You can do a lot with space under your bed. Look for a bed with a storage space such as drawers where you can keep some stuff. You can also buy organisers that you can fit below your bed. Rather than thinking about where to keep your things, you can have them all under the bed. It is a wise way of keeping the bedroom tidy.


Organise your dresser

You can also change your dresser and opt for customised furniture. You can add more drawers and dividers so you can keep more items inside. You can even add more areas where you can store items like duvets and other bulky things you don’t use too often. It might be expensive, but you will make the most of the space, so it is beneficial.


Look for dual-purpose furniture

These days, you can easily find furniture that you can transform depending on your preference. For instance, you can now find storage cabinets that you can flip to become tables. You can also find floating drawers that don’t take up space. Couches can turn into a mattress at night. With these dual functions, you will spend money on two sets of furniture, without having to occupy more space.


Opt for a minimalistic approach

You have limited space in your bedroom, so it does not make sense to put everything you want in it. You will make the place look messy and chaotic. Determine what you need and let go of things you don't need. You can transfer some items to other spaces in your house or throw them away if they are unnecessary. Don't hold on to old stuff you are not using because of sentimental value. Whether you are decorating the bedroom for yourself or your kids, list the basic needs, and stick to them. Forget everything else that you want to add for aesthetic purposes.


Choose customised beds

If you can't fit a large mattress in your bedroom due to space, why don't you have custom bunk beds? Kids and adults alike will enjoy a bunk bed. You can customise it to ensure that it has everything that you want in a bed. You can determine the right size for the bedroom to have enough space to move around. Yes, it will be a bit costly because you customise every detail, but it will be worth it in the end.


Given these tips, you will no longer feel bad about not having a huge bedroom. You can still enjoy it as it is.


Published by Zachary McGavin