The demand for freight transportation has increased significantly over the past years. In Europe, for instance, the volume has grown quite rapidly and it is associated with the growth in GDP. Member States have experienced fast growth beginning with 2000 and strong transportation is the natural result. It is true that transport can be a tough industry, yet having a lorry business is worth it. With only one large, heavy motor vehicle, you can enjoy success. You have the opportunity to keep things going. As long as consumers shop, moving freight will be necessary. The lorry transportation business seems to be pretty easy. The truth is that it comes with many challenges. The market is incredibly competitive, not to mention that you have to make savvy business decisions. You do not want your organisation to fail, do you? Naturally, you do not. Understand that things need to change and take the necessary measures to get your lorry business to the top.

Get your hands on a unique logo

A logo can be defined as a visual graphic that is used in order to identify your business. The question now is: do you need one? Taking into consideration that there numerous competitors of a particular service in the market, the answer is yes. The logo is something extra that makes it easier for customers to tell the difference between your brand and others. Your lorry transportation business needs a logo, as well as a brand identity. A logo is a must for any company, no matter the size. According to recent studies, effective corporate logos leave a good impression on consumers and affect company performance. That is indeed something to think about. The small design will be present in ads and marketing campaigns, which is the reason why you need to pay close attention to the outline of the logo. Do not rush into designing something that is too commercial. A timeless logo is what you need.

Invest in accident prevention

You do not have to read annual accident reports to understand that the roads are dangerous. Accidents take place almost every day, which is reason enough for concern. 2018 has witnessed many road fatalities and it does not look like the situation is getting any better. It does not matter that your lorry drivers have a perfect record. They have high chances of becoming involved in automobile crashes. Drivers are reckless nowadays and you can never take too many safety precautions. If you want your employees to be safe, you should acquire HGV wireless reversing cameras. These backup systems offer drivers visual information allowing them to determine whether or not there is someone behind the vehicle. Collisions that take place while backing out of the driveway are totally avoidable and it would be a shame to not do anything. The workplace is a moving environment, which translates into the fact that it is that more important to minimise accident risk.

Work out what to charge clients

When people first ask you what your rate is, you stick with the price that you charged from the very get-go. You might want to think about changing the way things are done. The rates need to be high enough so as to enable you to make a profit and cover expenditure. Charging the right price can make the difference between success and failure, just so you know. To figure out the monthly cost per mile, add the fixed, variable, and salary costs. Now is not the place to outline the process in detail. Having a good idea of your lorry business’ cost per mile is as beneficial to you as it is for your staff to have HGV safety equipment. If it is required to make changes, then go right ahead. It is your company and you are able to act as you please. You are an independent owner operator and can charge whatever to haul a certain load. Well, almost. You cannot exaggerate as you will lose the only customers you have.

Familiarise yourself with the legislation  

Have you ever heard about the Truck Acts? It is the legislation that outlaws the truck system. Measures have been taken by the British Parliament in the 19 century with the aim of protecting employees. In the United Kingdom, many Acts of Parliament have been enacted. The point is that there are many laws stating what you can and what you cannot do. Take the time to learn about the legislation in force. Regulation pertain to aspects like lorry size or working hours. The European Union agreed to delay the enforcement of safety and efficiency laws until next year, but there is no way of knowing what will happen in 2019. Make sure that you keep up to date with the latest news. It may be necessary to change your business model.

Make efforts to save on fuel

Fuel accounts for most of your expenses. During the high peak season, it may be difficult to cover fuel costs. Fuel prices have been on the rise for some time now and they will continue to increase. If you are not willing to pay exorbitantly high amounts, seek out ways to save on fuel. Your lorry drivers are in the habit of going over the speed limit and this is understandable. They want to make sure that they arrive on time. The issue is that this practice is costing your business a lot. Encourage your drivers to act prudently. Most importantly, make sure that your employees are not incompetent. For your information, skilled drivers represent a good asset. If you do not have enough time to educate your drivers, have someone else do it. You have better things to do anyway. It is tempting to buy the cheapest fuel that you can find. If you care about your reputation at all, you will refrain from doing this. Not only will it ruin your vehicles, but it will make you look bad. It is a good idea to be cautious.

Published by Cynthia Madison