One of the things that occurs to me most about the working day is that I spend the time leading up to it wondering how fast or slow the day will go. What I've noticed is that it varies depending on what job I am doing. If I'm sat at a desk all day on a computer, time seems to go slow, but not too slow. If I'm on a shop floor, running about after lots of customers, the time goes even slower

You'd think it would go faster the more there is to do. But today I was on a shop floor, serving a few customers here and there. It's pretty quiet in the shop at the moment, and I originally thought that would make the day drag. I arrived at 9am, and before I knew it, it was 2pm. I couldn't believe that many hours had passed, and it wasn't even that busy! 

I've come to the conclusion that part of the problem is the amount of times I check the time. If we are constantly watching the clock, it won't move any faster. When I'm busy and I want to relax, I'm always looking at my watch to see how close it is until a point I can take a break. But when I'm not feeling rushed off my feet, I don't pay any mind to resting, because I'm not exerting myself anyway. Therefore, I don't check my watch as often, and because I'm not checking it, time seems like it's flown by when I do eventually check it. 

So if you're someone who has their eye on the time when at work, try ignoring those numbers and the tick tock tick tock, and just embrace what you're doing, because you never know, it might just speed the day along at just the right pace. 

Published by Jade Moore