Pockets of lush greenery, plains of beach sands, colonies of street food and chunks of history packed together in a gorgeous mosaic is what forms the map of Malaysia. Malaysia, with all its wonders is also the home to diversity of Asian people from Indian to Chinese and Malays. Containing in an exotic package of tourism and tribe, Malaysia is the destination that receives thousands of visitors from across the globe and is always bustling with crowds. Since the major portion of the tourists is from Asian and Southeast Asian origin, it is imperative that the country offers a cost-effective tourism opportunity. Our tourism company too offers many such cheap malaysia packages from which you can select. Given below is a snapshot of the same.

  • Landscape & Seascape Trips

From Batu Caves to Mount Kinabalu to the beaches of Langkawi, Malaysia is home to plethora of magnificent landscapes and seascape islands. Whether you wish to visit Malaysia for some religious exploration or simply for some breathtaking sights, our cheap Malaysia packages has got a wide variety for you and your family.

  • Adventure, Thrill and Water Sports

Be it a bunch of theme parks or be it thousands of freshwater and marine animals, Malaysia is a thrill-chill package for water lovers. In our travel packages, we too offer dozens of cheap Malaysia packages as per your priorities whether you wish to engage in some adventurous water sports and to take a dip in its beach waters. If you are an animal, coral or wildlife lover, do remember to dive into Malaysia’s waters and experience one of the world’s best snorkelling along with turtles, fish and colourful corals. Other water sports include scuba diving, banana boat rides and parasailing.

  • Flavoury Delights

Whatever you do and wherever you visit, there is something which is a must-have while you are in Malaysia. It’s Malaysia’s food. The Malay country houses some of the most lip-smacking and mouth-watering dishes famous across the globe. If you check out any of our cheap Malaysia packages, you might even start to wonder what to eat and where to begin. From Chinese noodles to its famous rice cakes, the spicey buttery aromas of Kuala Lumpur streets are sure to drag you into the eateries. Oh, and don’t miss its uniquely stirred coffee.

  • Nightlife

With cool breeze, smoky grilled hawker food, ample lighting and a melange of fun-filled activities, Malaysia’s nightlife takes an all new level. Visit the Chinatown or take a stroll in the beach sands. Kuala Lumpur’s night markets too are bustling with tourists. Choose from a wide range of Malaysia packages that we offer and explore how the town is as lively in the night as in the sunshine.

  • Exploring Heritage

Dig into the rich heritage of Malaysia with our Malaysia tour packages. Our itineraries are designed to include all the major heritage sites, museums and monuments in the tours. The highlights are Petronas, Kuala Lumpur Tower, National Mosque, Batu Caves and more.


Published by Rosie Joy