We often get tricked into seeing the world split up: continents, oceans, seas, countries, cities, cultures, nationalities, citizenship. We are often told that there are so many of us that the world is just not sufficient enough. So, the thing we do...is stick to our roots. We ground ourselves to home, because we are deceived into believing that it is not nice, nor decent to intrude on others. But maybe there's a purpose to us all, a purpose wider than commonplaceness and adequacy. And maybe there's more to transboundarism than destruction and obliteration. Maybe we're all just looking for this one destination that confirms the fact that we are headed in the same direction. This restlessness that goes on in our minds...this idea of us at our happiest...almost always drives us into doing things that go beyond the boundaries set for us. And it is hard...it is damn hard to go against the system and take down the walls that keep us in...but there is a world out there that goes beyond our wildest imagination, and the only way to get to know it, is by working towards release. The "Great Perhaps"... Rabelais' "Great Perhaps", my "Great Perhaps", your "Great Perhaps"...it may not be about the search of something else. It may just be about resolve: coming to terms with what we are, or going up and beyond to prove what we can become. They say people don't change, but there's this becoming that comes with the things you get to experience throughout your lifetime. A becoming that either condemns or saves you. There's both beauty and knowledge in people and places different. There's some salvation in every chance you get to go away.  What Malta did for me? It unravelled the unique and peculiar beauty of an island far from everything else I have seen: this limestone paradise soaking in the embrace of the Mediterranean Sea. There is so much beauty in Malta that an itinerary of it seems unbefitting, but I would dare make an attempt at sharing the Maltese dream that I've so blissfully lived.

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Published by Marcela Presecan