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Normally, I don't agree with most of the things printed in the British newspaper, "The Sun." However, last week there was an article in it that not only caught my attention but made me quite angry. The article was about a man who confronted a ten year old boy who had been bullying his son and daughter. The bullying was so bad, that the son needed hospital attention for his broken wrist and the daughter came home nearly every day in tears as a result.

The son in hospital with his broken arm as a result of bullying.

The son in hospital with his broken arm as a result of bullying.

Doing what the vast majority of parents would do, the father went in to the school to address the bullying his children were suffering. Unfortunately, this attempt and a number of furhter attempts did nothing to effect the bullying. One day, he saw his children's bully and confronted him. According to reports, the father put his face right in the face of the ten year old boy and yelled at him, threatening the boy if he didn't stop bullying his kids.

The parents of the boy called the police and the father was duly arrested and charged. Funny thing is that when the father approached the police over his children's bullying, they said they couldn't do anything as it was a 'school matter.' Anyway, to make a long story short, the father had to plead guilty for using threatening language and was fined £120, plus £85 court costs and another £20 victim surcharge. To add insult to injury, the father now faces losing his career as a midwife because he now has a criminal record. What this leaves me to conclude that this is yet another victory for the bullies!

Sure, the father probably went too far in addressing this matter but he was only trying to protect his children. I also think the magistrate was more than a little condescending when he told the father:

‘It is ironic that you were complaining about bullying when your own behaviour was clearly bullying.

My belief and I don't think I'm alone here is that had the school and police done something about the bullying in the first place, instead of declaring it to be the other body's problem, then the father wouldn't have needed to resort to this action. Furthermore, from what I know, seen an experienced, this bully now thinks he's untouchable and will only go on to make other children's lives hell.

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