I can honestly say that I am a foodie person. I could spend hundreds on eating out every night because food is just everything to me. Every time I have visited a different city or culture the first thing I look for is food, not just because Im hungry but because what a lot of people don't understand is that high street food chains or off the block noodles carts aren't just money making businesses but a whole range of culture stacked into into one. I've found that one of the most rewarding parts of traveling is to indulge in other cultures food, fast or homemade. 

In manchester we pride ourselves with being so out there it almost hurts to avoid us. what we also pride ourselves in is our way of creating food. we may not be the most outrageous place in the world but we sure can cook. whilst rummaging around the streets of manchester I found a few diamonds in the mud......

  1. RUDYS.

found in Ancoats in the Northern Quarter, this deems like the best place to be right now. Pizza for under a fiver with drinks to spare, whilst chilling to the slow jazz in the background. hipster, gangster, royalty and students all seem to be here for the vibes and just the atmosphere of this plain but funk joint. I definitely recommend.

2. V Revolution. (Vegan)


Although many people find it hard to eat at a vegan place for all the wrong reasons, this place serves a lot better food than majority of burger joints around town. It's taste in cakes are also one to look out for too, imagine a cake so delicate you just want to eat it like ten times.... that represents their cakes. Its funky american style decor is  also a shout with plates that look like you've just walked off a plane into LA.

3. Alabamas.


I don't think I have ever heard one bad review form this place. At first I had no idea what it was. Was it a jewellery shop? Was it a bar? It was an incredible food joint that changed Manchester. Meeting for lunch, go there. Date night? Go there. This place just gets better and better and why not try it if your in the neighbourhood. Just ask anyone and they will show you the way, I would recommend the deserts more than the mains if I'm being honest. 


Published by Tilly Whitworth