Hello my lovelies!

How do you like my dress? I could just wear blue clothes all the time and as it happens I am Aquarius in horoscope ! My favorite color is purple though, but blue (and black) suit me the best. Just in case I’ll let you be the judge of that. There is many reasons why I like this dress but I’ll share with you just this one. It is because of its cut, there’s nothing better than simplicity. Do you agree? I decided to change my hair style for this outfit, you have either seen me with straight hair, curls or hair bun and never with the low ponytail!



If you noticed my hair is different in my previous post let’s get you updated! My hair was a bit ombre looking and somehow it grew along and I didn’t know if I should cut it again or what to do, so I browsed online and decided it’s time to dye it, in black. I really like black hair color and I feel like an outsider because my mom, dad and brother have black and I have brown hair. But, somehow, I gave up on that thought and bought a chocolate dye from AURA, and dyed my hair. It’s reddish, as you can see. But, I don’t mind it, in fact I was red before so yay for me! 



Nails by C nails 

Heels Office Shoes

Dress Mango

Bag Doca


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Hugs and kisses, BS

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