so since January i have been receiving a monthly subscription to the ‘women running’ magazine. my auntie got it for me as a christmas present and it sure is a brill pressie!

i love to learn i love to research and read about things that interest me, a magazine all about running all about sports clothes, other people like me sharing their stories its perfect for me to have a read in the evening a flick through when i have a spare minute.

my dad when he was younger had a subscription to ‘athletics weekly’ and he collected years and years worth of magazines, but he would star in them so that was much cooler and interesting!

the magazine i have at the moment is awesome i love seeing what other people are doing what type of techniques and styles, and strategies they take, and learning from them really.

here are some pictures below of what the magazines look like and what they offer inside. i know many of us prefer to watch tele and youtube now a days but if you like me and love a good magazine then get your subscription in, if done over months or year/s it can also save you money.

check out the site of the magazine i like
Below are a few of the things the magazines touch on –

  • training tips
  • health and nutrition adivice
  • events in certain areas
  • inspiration quotes and stories from other people and fitness friends 
  • new fitness gear and clothing 
  • exercises ideas and tip, and examples
  • also new fitness gadgets
  • And lots more too

i gain so many ideas and knowledge from the magazines and something so different  in each, all my family read different things, my mum reads loads of books but im not into that so a mag does me fine!  so have a look about have a little research and see what you fancy, you can by them once have a trial and see and then buy them and order them in bulk when you fancy a full subscription but i fully recommend it, especially for someone wanting to learn more, read more and grow their mind of knowledge whatever the topic maybe, there is a magazine to match!

what magazines do you like?
recommend any for me?

happy reading
much love J


Published by Jaydyne Overton