Enhancing the value of your property comes down to the very details. Whether you're renovating for personal preferences or planning to increase the resale value of your home, a lot of homeowners take note of their worktop when trying to add a certain level of elegance and quality to their property.

Here, we’ll discuss some of the advantages of granite and marble worktops and find out why these materials make a better home accent piece than any other types of worktop available in the market.

The Downside of Marble

When it comes down to looks and visual interest, the aesthetic charm of both granite and marble is really tough to beat. Both of these stone-based materials render a wide variety of design, colour, and dimension that can boost the overall character of your property.

However, when looking at your family’s needs and lifestyle, it’s necessary to understand a few essential attributes associated with marble that might cause it to be less than ideal to use in your home — especially in the kitchen.

While marble worktops are remarkably gorgeous to look at, it tends to be very receptive to staining, dulling, and scratching. So if you're looking to install new worktops in your kitchen, a stone material that is easily prone to damage might not be an excellent choice for daily food preparation and in places with high volume traffic. The truth is, when it comes to overall durability, granite stones are generally longer-lasting than marble.

Practicality and Accessibility

Without a doubt, marble surfaces have an undeniable beauty about them, but they also come with a higher price range than most granite material.

Aside from that, most granite companies can also guarantee faster deliveries to their customers. So if you’re looking for a quick home revamp, going for granite worktops might be a better idea as it could make its way into your home a little sooner. Additionally, if you’re on a strict renovation budget and timeline, this is certainly a factor to consider.

Protection against Bacteria

Another crucial factor to think about when choosing a worktop material is the ability of the surface to foster bacteria.

Marble is naturally more porous than granite, which means marble worktops are more likely to harbour bacteria in its natural crevices than a granite worktop would be. If you are thinking about installing a marble worktop in your kitchen, considering the number of cleaning material and food products that will be utilised on a daily basis is extremely important. If you and other family members cook daily, it might be wise to consider granite worktops for your kitchen as it is rather easy to maintain and doesn’t absorb bacteria as quickly as a marble surface would.

Resistance to High Temperatures

It’s well known that marble worktops tend to be less resistant to both harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures than granite. Homeowners that are considering to install marble worktops in their kitchens need to be aware that heat from microwaves, ovens, and stovetops are bound to damage the surface in time.

It's All About the Details

While marble may not be a practical choice for your kitchen worktop, its allure and luxury feel still make it an ideal accent piece. Various homeowners choose to install granite worktops and opt for marble accents in smaller areas to bring in a stylish flair into the space.

In the end, even if marble is a bit more delicate than granite, it clearly delivers an elegant touch to your home. So think about certain ways to incorporate marble accent pieces together with granite worktops to bring out the best in your new home design!

Published by Shubhi Gupta