Kitchen remodels are a significant investment of time and money, so they only happen once every several years. They’re great ways to up the value of your home and accommodate new phases we go through in life whether it be more kids, an interest in cooking, or to catch up on the latest appliances and modern designs. It’s no surprise how much time we all spend in the kitchen. We prepare food there, bond with friends and family over snack and drinks, and prep meals for the workday and school. Many kitchens are the social and operational center of their homes. It’s one of the main reason kitchens are consistently ranked by prospective home buyers as the most important room in a house.

Choosing the right kitchen countertop is tough. There are so many choices, each with their own benefits. Quartz is one of the most popular countertop choices available on the market. It’s a beautiful material that’s versatile and can last for decades. Here’s a quick overview of why quartz is the best countertop material for your new kitchen.

What is Quartz and How is It Made

Sometimes shoppers get confused when they hear quartz described as a ‘man made’ product. What that really means, though, is that a majority of quartz is mixed with resin, colors and polymers to design the product. Man made refers to manufacturers’ ability to customize the product into a wide range of colors, shapes and patterns. The resins and polymers make the quartz non-porous, which means that it’s impossible for liquids and other debris to seep inside the countertop over time, an issue with granite, marble and other natural stones. Quartz makers can add basically any color to the chemical mix to create whatever color designers or homeowners want in their kitchens. Once everything’s been made, it’s cut and shaped into your specific kitchen dimensions and then delivered for installation. It’s usually recommended that a professional team install quartz countertops because, although they are more flexible than other natural stones slabs, they are extremely heavy.

Best of Beauty and Durability

As we’ve mentioned, quartz is an incredibly durable material. It’s very scratch and stain resistant and isn’t as fragile as some of the natural stones available. They also don’t get hurt by any acidic liquids or other materials that might spill on them. Granite and marble are indeed beautiful, but they are also much more delicate than quartz. A mistake on a marble countertop can be very expensive, while it’s almost impossible to damage a quartz countertop. Normal wear and tear will have little to no impact on lovely quartz counters.

Quartz Doesn’t Need Any Sealing

Quartz requires much less upkeep than other countertop materials. Natural stones need initial sealants applied upon installation, and regular sealing maintenance for the life of the stone. Treatments are usually required once a year. Quartz doesn’t erode at the same pace as natural stones, so no sealing treatments are required. They’re worry and stress free after installation.

The Best of Style

People are choosing quartz more and more because they have virtually endless choices to fit their kitchen designs. People are taking more risks and are willing to be bolder in their décor decisions. Quartz can be manufactured to mirror natural stone freckling or veining, or people can request unique colors to match a certain color palette. Some people love the luxury look of marble but don’t want to spend the money for it. Quartz can be made to look just like the highest-quality marbles. You can go natural or push the design envelope. It all depends on what your vision of the perfect kitchen is.

Additionally, with the advent of virtual planning tools for remodeling and redesign, homeowners have better access to interior designers. Designers are able to work with more clients at one time with the help of technology. Designers love to recommend quartz because it means they have more options to make a kitchen look fantastic. It’s no wonder quartz is seen more and more in architecture design magazines and gracing the kitchens and bathrooms of top hotels and developments around the world.

The Pricing is Right

One of the best qualities of quartz for kitchen countertops is that it comes at a great value to buyers. It usually falls in the price range between granite and marble. Considering that buyers are getting maybe the most durable and customizable countertop material on the market, it’s a good price that will keep buyers happy for the life of their new kitchen. The best part is that homeowners almost always get their money back in full or even more when they decide to sell their house. Quartz carries its value very well because buyers know they won’t have to replace the countertops in a year or two.


Published by Johanne Cosihan