Hello everyone and welcome back if you are an awesome regular reader!

Today I decided I would update you wonderful people on a few current things.

Firstly can we all talk about Ed Sheerans new amazing album, I cannot stop dancing to this as I type away and write this, which makes my post extra fun as you can all imagine me with a bun on top of my head with pj's and Ed’s amazing voice making dance type on my keyboard. What an image for you to see in your brain huh?

Anyway back to more of what the ‘March Moods’ are about.

Spring time is surely here and already I can feel myself reaching massively for the tissues for the dreaded pollen allergies, but the reason why I call this ‘March Moods’ is because I am a winter obsessed person, I live in hoodies and jackets and leggings and jeans so much and when the weather starts to become warmer, the effort to get ready for a female take as vast amount of time longer, and especially when it’s makeup time, I have yet to discover a way to keep my foundation from sweating off after five minutes from when I applied it.

Secondly, can we all just moan about how much hay fever seems to ruin a good or make a bad day much worse, I get it’s pretty that the daffodils are out and the grass is much greener but that’s still not helping any of us who suffer, plus the moment it heats up, why does everything from everyone that first week insist on mowing the lawns and tidying their gardens right away? I’m glad people keep their gardens nice but do you all need a competition in who can mow the lawn fastest?

Lastly, expectations that seem to be demanded more. The season fashion trends really hit this time of year for the summer, as if it feels like yesterday we were celebrating Christmas 2016, what’s with the shops already advertising mostly summer fashion and being a season ahead? It’s not warm enough to wear a miniskirt or bikini tops yet and somehow the moment summer hits it will be flooded with Autumn and Halloween wear, every year I get older I swear the retail industry want nothing more than to make time go faster. Why is this?

Anyway, I hope you all liked this blog post. Please comment on ideas, suggestions, YouTube ideas – I may brace my face again there for you to see or anything else in the comments.

Have an awesome week.

Lots of love

Viccie xoxo

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