I wanted to learn more about Marie Anotinette, and this book popped out at me because it’s directed at a middle grade/young adult audience. Now, we know how tragic Marie Antoinette’s story is. Signed away at 9, engaged at 13, and married at 14. Then she becomes the most hated Queen of France and ends up executed. How could this be adapted to a younger generation?

Well, Kathryn Lasky does a fantastic job at giving us a glimpse inside little Maria Antonia’s life. Yes, much of it is fiction. In must be, I think, in order to preserve the narrative. Obviously it’s not her actual diary, but it feels like it could be, and that’s all that matters.

I have taken away a myriad of useful information from this book, especially about life in 18th century Europe. While many characters are fictional, I have found most of it is historically accurate, especially dates and events. 

As a book it exceeded my expectations. It was a fun and easy read, one I enjoyed thoroughly. This is one of few historical novels I can recommend to anyone.

Published by Anna K