"The number one unfair advantage in grazing is knowing how to sell livestock." ~ Bud Williams.

Marketing livestock is one area in farm business not often given a lot of time.

We do it that way because that is the way it's done.

Many farm businesses don't have a marketing plan.

We sell because we run out of feed, or water. Or because it's weaner sale time. Or that's what we always do.

Is this the most profitable option for your farm?

Is this the best strategy?

Can you visualize other options? Do you feel stuck, limited or resigned to doing what you did last year because it feels safe?

Change frightens and paralyses.

Change brings opportunities. Options, chances to learn, benefit and get better results.

What is your marketing plan? Is it flexible? Set in stone? Same as last years?

Do you have a plan?

Are you increasing profitability?

How do you feel about marketing?

What action can you take to improve outcomes?

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Published by Kristy Hunt