Marks & Spencer is no new name to the beauty industry. Be it the nature’s ingredient products or floral collections the Marks & Spencer never disappoints with the quality of product it holds.Whenever it comes to bath and body products in the luxury range of cosmetics than I prefer Marks & Spencer over Body Shop . Well the sole reason is huge difference in the price range though they offer almost similar quality of products like the The Body Shop Shea Body Butter – 200ml is for INR 1025 but the M&S shea body butter costs INR 699 for the same bottle in spite of being very similar product wise. So today I’ ll talk about M&S amazing bath and body products which would be your perfect winter companions without creating a hole in your pocket.


I feel the body butters are the best beauty products that Marks & Spencer has to offer to us. And Shea Body Butters are sheer bliss to those with extremely dry skin. We all know that shea butters are among the most moisturizing agents on this planet and so nothing can beat the harsh and chilly weather as M&S Shea body butters leaving your skin extremely moisturised. This Shea body butter is rich in sweet almond oil and shea butter. The next best option for people with dry skins are Cocoa body butters.

  • PROS: Extremely moisturising,thick,creamy perfect for winters. Melt well in the body.
  • CONS: The super strong shea smell might feel nauseating after long use.

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For those who have normal skin and don’t need extreme hydration like shea and cocoa hydration can non hesitantly go for Strawberry Body Butter. The scent is crazy and I am simply in love with it. Apart from fulfilling all the requirement of a good hydrating body butter it also leaves your skin smelling like sweet strawberries. There is this entire range of body butters of this type like mango,vanilla etc which are amazingly nice body butters and also comes in various different pleasing scent range from fruity to sharp smells.

  • PROS: The skin smells heavenly for long and it’s thick and melts easily in skin.
  • CONS: It’s not super hydrating. One might use to apply a lot of quantity.




For those who don’t believe in too much moisturisation and simply have oily skin can use the lotions. These are perfect for your little moisturisation need and feel extremely light weighted and get absorbed quickly into the skin. There are many options like Marks & Spencer UPLIFTING WILD BERRY Hand & Body Lotion ,M&S Nature’s Ingredients Cocoa Butter Hand And Body Lotion  ,Marks & Spencer INVIGORATING LEMON & ZESTY LIME Hand & Body Lotion Floral Collection M&S Lily Of The Valley Hand & Body Lotion  etc. Phew! It’s fun choosing just the one.

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You don’t get luxury handwashes that easily in India. Right? So it’s great that Marks & Spencer offers so many varieties of hand washes M&S Nature’s Ingredients Water Lily Hand Wash  Marks and Spencer Essential Extracts Cocoa Butter & Vanilla Hand Wash  etc. These are specially formulated with added moisturisers to cleanse your hands and also take care of it. One wash and your hands would feel clean, refreshed and scented!

  • PROS: moisturised formulation and beautiful scent. Alcohol free. It ‘s a luxury to use it.
  • CONS: quite expensive for a hand wash.



There is a basic difference between a shower cream and shower gel that the shower creams are more moisturising,thicker and less foaming than shower gel which by any mean make them perfect for people with dry skin and I’ll suggest oily skin people to carry on with their shower gels. M&S offers a range of shower cream like Marks & Spencer Floral Collection Moisture Rich Shower Cream Lavender Marks & Spencer Floral Collection Moisture Rich Shower Cream Magnolia Marks & Spencer Floral Collection Moisture Rich Shower Cream Lily of the Valley  Marks & Spencer Floral Collection Moisture Rich Shower Cream Rose each have distinctive scent of the respective flowers which you can choose as your preference.

  • PROS: alcohol free, rich in moisturising cream, clean gently, beautiful scent
  • CONS: The packaging is very bad.You always need to keep it upright else it’ll leak.

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Now the difference between shower cream and a bath cream is this that bath creams are mixed with essential oils and are one slab above the shower cream in terms of its quantity and quality as these are inspired by french cosmetics. It is a very rich bath treatment which leave skin soft and you feeling relaxed for the whole day.

  • PROS: Paraben-Alcohol free, extream moisturisation, suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
  • CONS: very expensive so unlike the M&S products and glass packaging.

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Most of the M&S products are cruelty free which means they are not tested on animals and these are also made in eco friendly factories. Both these facts make it a great product and we can use it guilt free.

Published by Swapnil Pandey