top 4 mascaras that won't  give you raccoon eyes!

Hello there! I'm finally back with a new article and today I wanted to talk about waterproof mascaras.

First of all: why you need it and why, sometimes, you don't.

You need waterproof mascara if you wear mascara to go to the swimming pool or to the sea, but you don't need it for an everyday use.

Truth is, if you tend to scratch a lot your eyes during the day, even a waterproof mascara will not be left untouched.

So, we need a waterproof mascara only if we're going to actually have some interaction with water, or when you know you're going to sweat a lot (at the gym, for example).

okay, let's get started now.

The first one that I think you should try out is the: Maybelline "The colossal Volume Express in Water edition"

The second one always by Maybelline and it's called "The Rocket Volum' Express Waterproof"

The third one is from Essence Cosmetics and it's actually my favorite one. It's not in the waterproof edition but I once wore it for 18 hours, I went camping, I went to a bonfire night, I ran a lot... and so on; when I went to take it of it was per-fect. not the tiniest bit fell from my lashes. I mean, how can I not love that?!

The last one is the only one on the expensive side and it's from benefit.

I think we all know that because it's pretty famous, and there's a reason for its fame.

the "Better Than Sex" mascara from Benefit, in the waterproof version (even if the normal one last pretty long)


they're all very good and I trust them with my heart and I promise, they're thunderstorm proof!

Have guys ever tried out one of these? Let me know!


Published by Nike Arconti