I have one thing in my daily task manager (todoist is an incredible app) which is "Review and plan" every sunday.  I don't think I've ever properly did it. Sometimes before bed I do a quick check to see if I'm doing what I want to be doing in life and I think it's all going pretty swimmingly. 

The "focus" for this weeks has been trying to set up a shopify shop. I've been deliberating whether or not to say the product but fuck it who actually reads this thing, I'm planning on producing metal hand spinners. Most people have no idea what they are but juust search EDC hand spinner online or check out the rotablade stubby or vorso spin. I spent most of the start of the week trying to find a manufacturer and figuring out how to sell them online. At the start of this (and even now truthfully) I was terrified. Wel maybe terrified isn't the word, I got all these thoughts in my head like "you're only a kid how do you expect to do this?" "what's the point, you're not going to make that much money". 

A few months ago i probably would've capitulated to these thoughts in my brain but the momentum of past wins seems to motivate me. I wouldn't call it past wins but just doing achieving things I didn't think I could've. I got my first job at 16 at carphone warehouse and this weeks I went through the second round of this banking work experience thing for JP Morgan.

I think I have a supplier, I think. I've no idea when I can get samples and whatever bu then I have to create an online store and who knows what kind of marketing. I reckon I'll start first with Reddit and EDC forums then move on from there. I can't really be bothered paying for advertising and don't have enough time to start SEO work so that stuff will have to do. 

I continually get thoughts of "if's taking too much time, just quit"  and they're dangerously enticing. The way I logically see it is I'm at most investing 10 minutes a day into this venture. If it pays off I stand to be pretty goddamn well off and have even more valuable experience. If it fails I lose a few hours I would've wasted watching TV and a few hundred pounds that I wouldn've made anyway without getting a job but also gaining stupid good experience and at least being able to say I tried.

I had to write some 4000 word "personal statement" for the JP morgan thing, I doubt I'll hear back from them for another week but basically the premise of that was that "hypotheticals are not admitted in a court of law" (of course this isn't strictly true) but I think it's a good little maxim to take. After you've died, or even just forgotten your plans they've disappeared into the ether unless you have some proof. I was talking to a friend who was saying "it's cool you're doing this, I've had tonnes of ideas for great businesses that I've just let die" and I suppose that's what I'm talking about, I've had better ideas but it's not about waiting for a perfect idea but taking one and just executing. Whilst other's may comfort themselves with their better ideas they didn't bother executing and that in all honesty is all anyone cares about. 

Published by Kevin Li