''The more property, the more anxiety''- Hillel.

Another saying, this time from a Mishnaic sage. Hillel's quote could probably come in useful in this day and age, where materialism is rife, to the point of idol-worship. But idolatry isn't the point of this quote. This isn't about the Creator, it's about His creation. Namely you. I. Are the things we're accumulating really helping us? Or are they hindering us? Are they making out lives happier and more G-dly, or are they making us unhappy? Is property becoming an addiction, or a purpose for life? What, then, if we lose this property? We know for a fact we can't trust in it. We can only trust in G-d. And so, at the end of the day, despite what I said earlier ('This isn't about the Creator...') , it all comes back to Hashem. Unsurprising, considering that everything- both good and evil- comes from Him.


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Published by Lily Smythe