A great way to personalize your kitchen is by adding kitchen cabinets. But what do you actually consider when picking out kitchen cabinets for your home kitchen? Is it the style, colour, theme, handle style or size? How about the cabinet’s finish? Would you prefer a matt or high gloss kitchen cabinet?


Deciding the finish could be one of the most challenging aspects of a kitchen remodel. But what makes this even more complicated is that there are no guidelines that could help you in choosing. Although every project is different, there are still some general rules that could help get an idea and make sense with your remodel.


This article will help you choose between a high gloss and matt finish for your cabinet. A handful of tips are also outlined to make sure that each finish will work best for your home kitchen.


Matt finish

What is a matt finish?
This is the first thing that comes to mind. Simply put, this finish type doesn’t reflect any light and looks flatter compared with the high gloss finish and are growing in popularity in Europe. Matt finish looks great for contemporary- or traditional-style flat cabinets and is the ideal finish for a country or traditional kitchen with routed fronts.


Advantages. The obvious advantage is that scratches, fingerprints and other imperfections will be less noticeable. This doesn’t mean, though, that these imperfections will not show. They are not as clearly visible because of the absence of light reflecting on the surface.

Additionally, matt finishes look more consistent in colour compared with glossy ones because of the lack of reflection. The light’s reflection makes other areas look either brighter or darker than other areas.


Disadvantages. Of course, when there’s an upside, there will always be a downside. Because the surface of matt finishes doesn’t reflect light, it is not advisable for small kitchens with small windows. They will not help make your kitchen look bigger or brighter.


Also, since light is not reflected, you will get a more muted look because of the absorption of light. In terms of cleaning, they are so easy to clean because the surface is not smooth. 


Tips. If your concern is a too flat or boring finish because of the lack of light reflection, then opt for 2 different colours and create a contrast. This will become a point of interest.

Another is by selecting a door with a simple routed profile to cast different shadow on the cabinet fronts, creating a feeling of interest and depth.


High gloss

What is a high gloss finish?
As the name implies, this type of finish reflects light, one of the main reasons why it is so popular since it became a trend in the 1970s. This finish is more suited for contemporary kitchen cabinets with flat fronts.

Advantages. The obvious advantage is it makes your space look bigger than it actually is. That’s why high gloss finish is perfect for kitchens with small spaces. Plus, a high gloss finish is ideal if you are considering a darker colour for your cabinets. You won’t worry about a darker shade absorbing the light in the kitchen.

The most popular are white high gloss kitchen finishes because of the lighter the colour, the higher the light’s reflection. In terms of cleaning, they are fairly easy to clean because of the glossy surface.


Disadvantages. If you plan on having more than 2 colours for your kitchen, keep in mind that because of this finish’s reflective quality, the light will bounce around, reflecting other colours in the room on the kitchen cabinet’s surface, slightly altering you cabinet’s colour.

Additionally, fingerprints, scratch marks, dirt, etc. are also easily reflected on the surface because there is so much light that’s reflected.


Tip. If you are concerned about the visible prints on the cabinet’s surface, then choose the high gloss finish for the upper cabinets and opt for a matt finish for the lower cabinets.



So whether you would go for matt kitchens or a high gloss kitchen finish for your cabinets, just keep in mind that cabinet’s finish would help create a dramatically different look for your kitchen regardless of the cabinet’s material. The little things do matter, like light and its reflection on the surface.

Published by Shiva Kushwaha