1. Do a good job of relieving the skin, no matter what kind of hair removal methods chose will cause certain damage to the skin. After finishing hair removal we can use water to clean the skin, and then use moisturizing spray to ease the skin. And it not only can calm the skin, but also can add moisture to skin.

2. Keep the skin moist. After hair removal, the skin is easy to become dry, so we must do a good job of moisturizing and try to choose natural anti-allergic emollient.

3. Avoid from direct sunlight. After hair removal, the skin will become more sensitive. We must prohibit direct contact with sunlight, because ultraviolet rays directly on hair follicles for secondary damage, and it is easy to lead to melanin sedation.

4. Prohibit from whitening products. After hair removal, the skin is very fragile. So we cannot use too many skin care products, especially whitening products, which contain a large number of chemicals. It is easy to intrude into the body, causing certain damage to the body.

5. Maintain a light diet. After hair removal, diet should be mainly light, avoid eating spicy and irritating and allergic food, and try to eat fresh vegetables and fruits, supplement sufficient vitamins. So as to improve the body's immunity and resistance, reduce melanin sedation.

1) Go to regular hospitals and institutions! Do not go to a salon without license, no matter how good it looks!

2) Asking clearly about the technical types of hair removal instruments in this institution. Hair removal is generally divided into laser and intense pulsed light. Emerald laser (Alexander laser), long pulse laser, semiconductor laser are common laser technology. Freezing point removal is a kind of Microdermabrasion Machine which is friendlier to sensitive skin. Intense pulsed light, also known as color light and IPL, is widely used in medical aesthetics. The wavelength is about 500-1200 nm. Intense pulsed light is not a fixed wavelength light, and the effect is relatively weak compared with laser. PS: most household hair removal devices are pulsed light technology.

3) Know clearly where you want to make hair removal on your body. Comparing various medical and aesthetic apps with online reviews of group purchases, you can basically screen out organizations with the right price. Facial hair removal is not necessary, but if you have obsessive-compulsive disorder and want to make the skin smoother and more delicate than before, you can choose to twist the face or laser hair removal method to remove the facial hair. Stranded surfaces are not recommended for sensitive skin, because each twist is actually equivalent to helping you to get a facial cuticle, it is easy to damage the barrier. And the process is really not easy.

The best choice, of course, is laser hair removal. Compared to the whole body hair removal, single face laser hair removal is actually not expensive. In addition to hair removal by stranding or laser hair removal, it can also be dyed with bleach to make the beard visually pale. The advantage of bleach is that it is convenient to operate regularly at home, and the price is quite cheap. The disadvantage is that it has certain irritation to the skin, and some skin tests are needed to determine whether it can be used. The effect is that the lip hair changes from black to golden, and there is little irritation or discomfort when applied. Powder + paste combination, powder that can easily damp, damp cannot be used after, Southerners estimate is not suitable.

Physical hair removal, there are also three ways. In short, it is shave, push and scrape. And the pain index increased in turn. "Shaving" is the most commonly used method. There are many tools, such as razors, electric razors, etc. And its advantages are simple and convenient, but the shortcomings are also obvious. The faster the hair is shaved, the thicker the shave. And it will leave a "stubble". It is good left in the armpit, but if it is in the leg, generally girls are difficult to accept.

The second method is direct pulling, some household hair removal apparatus belongs to this kind, which is directly grasp the hair stiff and raw pull out. Some can be pulled out and even be rooted out, some just be pulled out the hair. The most direct feeling in this way is pain, and the pain index varies from person to person. It is easy to cause folliculitis. The advantage is that the growth rate will be slower than that of pure scraping.

The third way, commonly known as wax hair removal, makes use of wax viscosity to stick to the hair, and then pull it hard. And it is pull on essence. It is suitable for large parts of the limbs but not very strong. The advantage is that the growth rate is slow after the hair removal, the shortcoming is painful. And it still takes some courage before tearing. It may cause folliculitis and lead to skin sensitivity.

Published by Joseph Nicholls