Maybe I love my city, maybe I don't. Regardless, it is an incredible city to be. This is just my perspective of life in London. Find more poetry on Facebook



Maybe it’s the dirt in the air

That has me a little worse for wear

But there’s incredible healthcare here,

If you don’t mind waiting a year



Maybe it’s the stench of piss and sweat

That aerates through the city vents

Chase an escape, tourist and apes

That haven’t the time to be bored of the wait



Maybe it’s the culture, we have

Immigration and the impact that’s it’s had

But they don’t see the perverted ignorance

Of a city built of the backs of immigrants



Maybe the rain comes and sticks around

Because the city is where happy is found

The irony of the scorn on morning faces

That makes this seem like those unfortunate places


But maybe

Just maybe, we strive to make ends meat

To get mugged in a pub by a smile so friendly

Tip the waitress, as thanks for taking our money

Because living here is worth staying hungry



Published by Glenn Thomas