1. the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form
    ​As it turns out, once again, it's time for change.  Big change.  I'm at it again. 
    ​It's interesting to compare my life to what it was, even just a short 2 years ago.  I was a completely different person.  I was bold, very social, daring, and a little left of center.  I don't think the left of center thing has changed.  I am still quirky as hell, but I have seemingly taken my place on the sidelines, more as a spectator rather than being on the field, soaking up the spotlight.  I almost prefer to be the one behind the scenes now. 
    ​People have told me that they wish I would go back to my short, funky, wildly colored hair.  I can't do it.  I have tried.  Maybe it brought too much attention.  I almost feel that side of myself was a completely different lifetime.  That my life with Dave was so long ago.  I crave to change every aspect of my life. 
    At first, I thought this was a reinvention of myself.  But now I see it as more of an evolution.  I am weeding out what no longer serves me and my family.  I need to weed out my closet... that will come.  Why does one body need so many damn clothes?  I can understand why I need so many shoes... my feet require many options... but the amount of clothes I have is ridiculous.  Especially since I only wear about half of them.  Speaking of that, did you know that Boxing Day in Canada has no link to actual fighting?  It is a day to rid our homes, of the items we no longer need. Box it up and donate it!  This entire time, I thought that you invited your relatives over, put on the gloves, and beat the snot out of each other.   Who knew?  Another fantastic reason I have a Canadian boyfriend!  I learn new things! 
    Now, where was I.... oh yeah.... the weeding out.  Life is too short to be unhappy with any aspect of your life!  If there are people causing your angst, you don't need them complicating your life.  Choose to walk away.  They are not your monkeys.  Kick them out of your circus.  Unless it is your mom.  She will always be your monkey, as you will be hers.  And your kids.  You have to keep them.  Especially if they are under the age of 18. 
    So, here I am, getting ready to celebrate our second Christmas, without our Superman.  And I would have to say, I am still evolving.  I don't look the same, act the same, or think the same.  I've had quite a while to ponder on this incredible, crazy life I live.  It's time for one of the biggest changes so far.  I am moving my hair designing practice to a new venue.  Revive Salon will be my new work home starting January 17, 2017.  Wow!  I just realized what a cool date that is!   01-17-17!   Hush has been such a wonderful work place for me for nearly five years.  I want to thank Kimberlee, Kristy, Kim and Lindsey for being such incredible women and fantastic co-workers and friends! 
    I also have plans to become a college student, in the near future, and work on my registered nursing degree!  Big changes, folks!  And I'm excited again!  An excited Niccole is a happy Niccole. 
    I hope this finds you all having a wonderful holiday season!  May you be surrounded by loved ones this Christmas.  Be grateful for each and every moment.  Be joyful and thankful for the blessings in your life, whether big or small.  Take time to breathe and enjoy. 
    Merry, merry Christmas.  Much love to you all.      

Published by Niccole Arnold