Maybe it’s my fault
Monotony of cubicles never appealed to me
Maybe there you were
I have loved in the past
I'd like to experience it once more
Did I miss you in Santa Monica?
The shy woman in my drama class
The girl at the bar, alone
While I drank on the patio
One of the four girls in the convertible
Honking at me on the 101
Cast mate
Spectator in the seats
As I took the stage
In the supermarket reaching for cheesecake
The brunette at the gallery
Adorned in jade
The girl who admitted
Her guy wasn’t treating her right
The red head that wanted to exchange numbers
However gave me a kiss and politely declined
And said she was making a mistake
As I went on my way
Are you in Barcelona?
Did I leave you in Rome?
Were we high together in the Netherlands?
Were you in plain sight,
As I was seeing the world?
Do you reside in my one, true, home?
Were you at the airport?
At the DMV
In the parking spot
Texting across from me
I’m striving for career goals
I have yet to get
Maybe it’s truly my fault
We never met


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Published by Sthe writer