Two American citizens, a President (Ronald Reagan) and a Speaker of the House (Newt Gingrich) were masters at implementing the “Art of the Deal.”  Now we have one more man who perfected the “Art of the Deal’, Donald Trump. 

Donald Trump is a deal maker and knows how to reach across the aisle and work with Democrats.  Nothing will improve in our Nation if we can’t work together to take back our Country – that means all races, all ages whether Republican, Democrat or Libertarian.

A community organizer has just spent the past 7 years playing world organizer handing out our money to his big donors, Muslim Brotherhood, Iran, Egypt and many other foreign Countries.  A perfect example of Obama’s organization skills is the Iran deal – Americans receive totally nothing; in fact he’s paying millions to the Iranians and has given them the go ahead on finalizing their nuclear weapons.

Then he bought votes for his second term by extending unemployment, increasing the food stamp crowd and threw in healthcare – he spent his 2 terms creating a dependency that insures votes.  Creating a dependency is exactly the definition of community organizer!

Looking back the past 7 years at Obama’s dismal record we realize his “Motto” was strictly my way or the highway.  In fact he petrified both Republicans and Democrats because he used executive orders, bi-passed Congress and thumbed his nose at Americans. 

He showed no interest in working with Democrats or Republicans – he honed the art of whipping the Democrats into shape to do his bidden call.  The Republicans were so frightened about their job security that they waved a white flag every time the going got rough.

The Democrats & Republicans went for the 787 billion dollar stimulus bill, but neither party acted as our steward and protected our money.  Democrats bowed and kissed Obama’s A - - saying oh great one enjoy the money and he did with green scams, the Fast and Furious gunrunner operation, the IRS scam, billions of our money went to his bros. (the Muslim Brotherhood,) Benghazi Terrorist Attack and the dirty laundry list of Obama’s just keeps rambling on clear into 2016.

December 2015 Obama got the nod from both Democrats and Republicans on a spending bill.  The Senate approved a 1.1 trillion (anything goes) spending bill.  One more oppressive spending bill dumped on the back of the tax payers. 

No one fights for the hard-working Americans and possibly that is the reason we need someone who not only knows the “Art of the Deal,” but one who loves American and Americans.  

When Trump started he brought the immigration issue to the forefront which kept getting dumped back into the closet after the politicians had secured their jobs.  He said secure our border, build a beautiful gate for those who are legal to come to our great Nation.  He loves immigrants, but he hates those who are illegal and living off the fat of our land which is harming all Americans. 

He doesn’t like sanctuary cities and promises to do away with them, period.  He doesn’t want Muslim immigrants coming into our Country at this time – he says no one should cross our borders until our Government figures out how to vet these immigrants and prevent ISIS or other terrorists from infiltrating our Country.

It’s an old expression a “fish rots from the head down.”  That is what he’s talking about when he talks about the Washington Cartel, big donors, lobbyists and corrupt politicians running for office.  Big Government is rotting from the head down!

Those who are offended when Donald Trump speaks bluntly about some of the other Presidential elects and says they are owned by the Cartel.  Everyone has an opinion and that’s what makes the World go around, but know your facts before you speak – in Court “he said, she said” is a very weak defense.

An “insider” in politics is one who is indebted to those who are financing his or her campaign.  An “Outsider” is one who isn’t owned or beholding to anyone. 

Anyway, you look at Rubio or Bush, they are owned by the Washington cartel, to verify this statement just take a minute and check out their big donors.  

Cruz is sure “iffy” because one of his large donors (Robert Mercer) a big hedge fund manager.  Some of his other donors aren’t exactly lily white either.

It seems Dr. Ben Carson has amassed millions from small donors.  Dr. Carson is struggling mainly because he is such a nice Christian man and gives honest answers from his heart – so many have made fun of him and by many perceived weak, which is untrue.

He’s a man that America should be proud of – he came from the bottom of the barrel and became a top neuro surgeon at John Hopkins brain tumor center.  Dr. Carson would be welcome at my table anytime – I’d feel it an honor to have him as friend.

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca

My SoapboxThe most terrifying words to Americans:  I’m from the Government and I’m here to help you.  Ronald Reagan

Americans are scared, angry and hate what the Washington Cartel (Democrats & Republicans) have done to our Country, the greatest Nation in the World.  Millions have lost their homes, their jobs and their hope.   

Seniors have lost retirement money, college graduates can’t find work or have taken jobs flipping pancakes.  The working class is being attacked daily by the Government placing more and more financial burdens on them and their children.  Budget 2016 1.1 trillion,remember!

Big Daddy Government has taken over their healthcare, their schools, their freedoms and rights – so maybe, just maybe they need to pick an outsider who knows the “Art of the deal.”

Published by Marcia Wood