In a world where males are scrutinized for wearing makeup, regardless of their gender identity or sexuality, New York based cosmetics company Maybelline have broken the boundaries by hiring the gorgeous male beauty guru, Manny Gutierrez aka. mannymua773 as their first male campaign model, and I couldn't be more thrilled about it. Although women have arguably suffered greater gender prejudice, when it comes to fashion and beauty, men are often insulted for maintaining their apperances to the same standards as many women do, and men who wear makeup are considered to be 'too feminine' to be classed as socially acceptable. I've written previously about the conflict as to whether men can wear makeup or not, as I've always felt that makeup is gender neutral and anyone should have the freedom to use it as both a confidence booster and a form of self-expression. This is why I'm so thrilled that Maybelline have  chosen Manny Guitierrez for their latest mascara campaign; I hope it will help encourage more individuals to think differently about men who aren't 'traditionally masculine', bringing us closer to gender equality and complete liberty in how we express ourselves.

Manny began his beauty career when he uploaded his first makeup tutorial two years ago, and he has now amassed over two million subscribers, as well as three million instagram followers, his bio being: 'I think boys deserve just as much cosmetic recognition', and I couldn't agree more. Perhaps a decade ago, male beauty bloggers would have been constantly harassed online, and unfortunately Manny has had some experience with this, although this is only a small amount of people now, and clearly the amount of fans he has illustrates his popularity in the beauty world. The past couple of years have seen a rise of popular male makeup artists, such as Jeffree Star and James Charles (CoverGirl's first male ambassador), and as someone who loves makeup I can safely say that all of them are equally as talented as female beauty gurus. Makeup is an art form, and art has no gender. I believe that material objects such as makeup have no gender, and everyone has the freedom to use makeup regardless of their sex, as no one can really be defined by material goods. If makeup is something you are passionate about, your gender, gender identity or sexuality shouldn't stop you pursuing a career in it and creating beautiful art with it.

I suppose male beauty gurus have previously been attacked because a man who wears makeup doesn't abide to the traditional masculine stereotype, and of course many ignorant people are afraid of those who are different and attempt to control this fear by attacking those who don't conform to their old-fashioned ideologies. However this view is outdated and oppressive; everyone is unique, everyone has different interests, and everyone has the freedom to express them whether they conform to traditional views or not. If like me, you class yourself as a feminist, you believe in gender equality. Of course a key aspect of this is elevating the position of women in society, but gender equality means that men should have the same rights as women, including how they present themselves. Therefore if a man chooses to wear makeup he has complete freedom too and should not have assumptions made about his gender or sexuality, because as I said previously, how can a material object like makeup possibly belong to only one sex.

I strongly admire Maybelline as a brand for hiring Manny for their campaign, as I believe once a boundary is broken, things can only improve after that this means that gender equality is closer to being reached, and that can only benefit us all. More importantly, I admire Manny and the other male beauty gurus out there who have followed their dream regardless of those ignorant minded people who look down upon men who wear makeup. I hope this is the first of Manny's many beauty campaigns.

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Published by Rachel S.D.B