Of late, fast food chains have pulled out all the stops to deliver some bizarre food hybrids; Domino’s India created the BurgerPizza, Burger King US launched the Mac ‘N Cheetos and 7- Eleven created a skittles flavored slurpees.

Now, McDonald’s UK has ventured into the world of bizarre food pairings – it recently posted a photo on Facebook asking followers which flavor of milkshake they prefer to – wait for it – dip their fries in.

A New Kind Of Sauce?

The post was uploaded on October 5th and asked “What’s your favourite flavour to dunk your fries in? Tell us with a reaction button.”


As you can expect, the responses were less than positive. One user commented “People who think it’s acceptable to dip fries in milkshake and then actually consume them, need to be banned from McDonald’s.”

Another, similarly said “I find this revolting. I just can’t understand why people would do such things. Milkshake is for drinking not for dipping your fried potatos in can we please not forget that.”

Another one sums up most of the reactions perfectly – “You should all be ashamed of yourselves!!! Now im all for ‘personal preferences’ and all that but fries should only EVER be dunked/dipped/dressed/caressed/covered/smothered or molested in sauce!!! Seriously… Fries in milkshake???”


However, a select few commented with their actual favorite flavor (strawberry seems most popular) while others expressed relief that they’re not the only fry weirdos out there.

Despite these few positive comments, McDonald’s has since taken the post down, perhaps having realized that the world is not ready yet.

Published by Hungry Forever