I think this is the first book I've ever read that I really didn't want to put down.  From the get-go I was captivated by the characters and I became invested in their lives. Moyes wrote this love story in such a way that I simply couldn't get enough of it 

It read so easily; the interaction between the two main characters felt so natural and it left me wanting more. I stayed up wayyyy past my bed time just so I could continue reading this unconventional love story.

You will however, definitely need a box of tissues. I cried my eyes out, and usually, I don't feel a thing. I think it's the way that you automatically place yourself in the characters' shoes that makes you come to the realisation that their situation is impossible. No matter what they do, their love will end in tragedy. It really is just one of those heartbreakingly beautiful relationships.

You'll be confronted with very serious and thought-provoking themes, which makes this so much more than just a love story. It's one of those books that will change your outlook and make you reevaluate what you're doing with your life.

This is a perfect book to devour over a weekend, but it will stay with you forever.


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