I was never one to make friends easily in my young years, that task was breeze for my sister, who could make a compardre in two seconds flat. I was too shy and to preoccupied building my own little island to makes amigos. My companions were at home ready for me to play with them via a Nintendo remote control, one click on the start button and that was it! The real world was nothing more than a boring, strange world, which I never cared to be a part of. I remember getting my Nintendo when I was 6 on that Christmas morning and after all that unwrap, setting up and plugging up, I was in love and hook for the most part of my 7-9 year old adolescent life. There was nothing that would get in the way of my super Mario friends and me. Not my parent’s epic fights, not the constant bulling I received from my neighbors and not my depressive state of mind, that would make me eat my feels. Nintendo was my confidante and sometimes I miss having it around. Despite all the bullshit that came my way, back in those days, I was happy sitting on my rug covered floor and just playing away my troubles.

Published by Fonzie Solanno