Professionally, I’ve come to specialize on training programs for millennial employees and even their managers. I’ve been conducting programs that prepares millennials to face the realities of the corporate world and making their managers appreciate the new generation’s strength.

A common theme that’s been raised from both the manager and millennial perspective would be transparency. Apparently, millennials crave for transparency and one of the things that leaders now have to manage would be Gen Y’s need to know “why”.

As a millennial  myself, I couldn’t agree more.

Looking back, I grew up in an environment where I constantly felt excluded due to my age. I was given the best books to read, went to the best schools and the best exposure to technology. However, adults seemed never to give me a straight answer.
My cousin was telling me how her mom (my aunt) used to describe how a relative passed away.

Cousin: Ma, bakit namatay si Lola ______. (Mom, why did grandma die?)
Her Mom: Hay nako! Nakalimutan na niya paano huminga! (She forgot to breathe.)

Take note, my cousin is a GenXer but, her frustration was the same. Similar conversations played throughout my childhood. The only difference is that I had the power of the internet and I can easily read about cardiac arrest with just a touch of my fingers.

I’ve been conditioned to trust the internet with facts instead of adults who didn’t have the time to explain.

Years later, I’m now in an office and the need to know “why” is still there. This is now paired with my mental conditioning of adults never really telling me the truth. Thus, I am now the typical Millennial Employee.


This was originally posted in my blog ( last July 27, 2016.

Published by Marz Llave